Freaking Men

So I went out last night with my friend. I don’t venture out much in my neighborhood because frankly I don’t know many people. I like my solitude a bit too much, except when it comes to men. I am well aware that I have a problem. I dare say it’s an addiction of sorts. I love men. When they are new in my life it’s like a part of me wakes up. Problem is that it happens ALL THE TIME!!! I can’t help it really and I don’t want to. I love kissing someone for the first time especially if the guy is a good kisser. It’s like you can disappear for a while behind the kiss and all the feelings it awakens in you. I love it when a man touches me for the first time and the attraction is insane. Yes I am aware that it probably happens to a lot of people but I love that feeling. It’s a feeling of hope and want. Few years back I would have jumped the guy and made him my boyfriend but the truth is I don’t want anyone. I don’t want a boyfriend that is. What my body craves is sex and only sex. I want to connect with someone but only in a sexual capacity. Am I a nymphomaniac? I don’t know to be honest. I know that my sexual conquests probably put me in the category of being one. Also because I can’t remember how many men I’ve slept with and it’s way more than 100.

So back to my initial story. I went on out last night and gave a chaste kiss to a security guard because he was 7’1″, I mean I was so sexually curious as to how we would fit together. I’m only 4’11” so you can imagine that my mind was in sorts of how this man could put me in insane positions. I was also so curious about his penis size so I gave him a kiss and left my number with him. I hope he calls.

I also met another guy who was accompanied by the guy who was interested in my friend. He was sexy as fuck in a plain sort of way. He had a great mustache and beard and his smile was insane. He kept putting his finger on my thigh and I made it my business to touch him every chance I got! I was imagining what his body looked like under his clothes. At one point I thought he was going to take his shirt off and fuck if I didn’t get all anxious just waiting. Ugh I’m such a slut I swear. 

That’s my problem right there. I’ll probably never speak to that 7 foot security guard again and it’s unfortunate but the other guy I know for sure I will be sleeping with. Which brings me to my next issue. I’ve been on a mission to get in shape and lighten my body everywhere and including all my intimate areas. I’m trying to lighten my knees, toes, elbows, anus, thighs between my vagina and my underarms. Yes I need to lighten these areas because I feel they look unattractive to the male species. I know it’s a bit extreme but it will make me feel better. Losing weight also would make me look more attractive because let’s face it I would look sexier in bed and being on top when riding a guy naked. 
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