My Exquisite Muse Mr. Crossfit

My tongue swirls around your head slowly. I look up as my lips close around it. I watch you as your eyes roll back and close slowly. It’s an immediate turn on for me and a push to continue my descent upon your shaft. I let the saliva slide down the side of your penis and some of it gets on my fingers that are wrapped around your huge manhood. I lick my fingers and twirl the tongue back on to your shaft. I go back up to the head and begin my descent once again. Such a beautiful and massive piece that tastes oh so delicious. My lips slide down leaving a slippery slope to assist in my glide. I can hear your moans which sound so intoxicating to my ears. I want to hear more. I open my lips slightly wider and close them again on your cock but closer to the base. The smell invades me and I can feel my pussy getting wetter. I want to inhale your cock. The head hits the back of my throat and you push ever so slightly. My gag reflex hits me and I don’t care because I want to give you that intense sensation. I push a little further down until my breathing is obstructed. I come up slightly for air and descend once again. I love the overwhelming feeling of power it gives me. I come back up and slide my tongue the entire way there. You grab my head and pull me close to kiss you. We engage in a short but sexually charged kiss. It awakens me even more and I didn’t think that possible. 

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