Mr. C.O.

In life people cross your path to leave an imprint sometimes negative and other times positive. He was different and I now know why. Despite his situation I wish someone would love me and be committed to me the way he is with her. He’s caring for her because she is sick despite the fact that she doesn’t remember him. But that will never happen. I’m successful, own my home and car but I’m not worthy of anyone’s love. It’s just not in the cards for me. Successful women never get the good men. Truth is the losers and crazies always get the good men and then they tear them down to have them now hate women or simply treat women differently.  C. O. could have been a great summer fling but now he is just another booty call. 4/22

2 thoughts on “Mr. C.O.

  1. Sad to say yes in most cases you are spot on about that. I get it men want something low maintenance and can run on auto pilot without challenging a woman’s intellect and pushing them mentally, physically (in some cases not all) and spiritually. You are looking for needle in a haystack: problem one you’re looking. #focusonyou #hitthegym #doyouevensquat #stayblessed

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    1. I am focused on me and I’m glad. I had been running on auto pilot for a bit. To be honest I gave up ‘looking’ a while ago. Now I just fuck them and kill them with kindness as I push them out the door. Just tired I guess. My focus now is getting my body right. I’ve been running since January and I feel amazing and am losing weight!!! Thank you for your words!

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