See You Later…

What a pain in my soul. I don’t know how I will surpass this pain but I know I will. The problem with love is that if it is not reciprocated, was it ever real? I gave him my mind like I had never given it before. Our sexual connection was by far the best in my entire life. I never lied to him and I was always forward. My problem was making myself available to him at all times while he made himself totally unavailable to me all the time. Countless cancelled dates that left me empty and feeling like I wasn’t worth it. I’m not sure why I held on and at the same time I know exactly why I did. Perhaps the future will bring unexpected things, perhaps it won’t. For now he is still a man younger than me by a decade who has his entire life before him. I am very past that stage in my life and can’t even give him children. Eventually he would have left. I left because I had to and because I had to give life & the possibility of love a chance.

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