No Lover Visits Me Tonight

Tonight my room remains in disarray. No lover visits me tonight. Tonight my body is covered. There is no need to remain half naked with the intention of enticing. Tonight my nightlight goes on. He is not here to protect me from the monsters. Tonight my door will remain closed and my gun will sleep next to me. I feel unsafe without his arms wrapped around me. Tonight I will adjust my bed so that I may fall asleep quickly. If he were here my body would find rest in no time at all. Tonight the sheets remain on from the prior night of hot and dirty sex. It’s only I that sleeps between them. It is I that wants to revel in the scent he has left behind.

One thought on “No Lover Visits Me Tonight

  1. The Goddess speaks and the ears of the waiting hear the honey you have pour into our ears. Keep the gun close because the monster our out to push the strong to fault. But the strong will blast back as needed.Be well and stay safe.


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