Darkness Unites Us

Oh mr CrossFit where have you been? The firm grips that grasped my hands in rainy nights like this. The breathing constraints that left me gasping for more. The wicked smacks leaving red welts all over and the bruising that made me smile for days on after. Where have you gone? My heart belongs to another but the darkness within will always be yours. In the mornings when the sun has not yet risen and the horizon seems like it will never wake, I see you, I sense you. I can see your eyes burning into mine trying to brighten our insides for both of us. That darkness united us in ways that perhaps at the moment we failed to realize. Now that time has passed I see that even when our encounters were far and in between, it was enough when we came as one to burn a city down. We were both fire in our own ways. We both sought that refuge only the other provided.

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