Words To My Muse Mr. Crossfit

I wish i could explain to you in so many words how hard it has been for me these past months without you. I’ve dreamed, fantasized and wondered so many different things. Being away from you though and that pain has been very real. I’ll confess I’ve even shed a tear or two because of it.

It’s crazy because you have got to be the most absent and distant person i have dealt with in my entire life but when you speak, you speak volumes. A few words and it’s enough to make me fall to my knees and hold on desperately to this insane fantasy in my head.

I know im Crazy and that these fantasies are mine alone but you are just perfect in my eyes. You can’t even begin to imagine all the insane things that pass through my mind. The many thoughts of the unknown that i allow my mind to think about, knowing damn well I’m being foolish.

I miss you my King. Nobody touches my heart and soul the way you have. No one ignites the flames in my eyes the way you have. Nobody penetrates the core of my very existence the way you have. It’s you, it’s always you……….

DV (Deco)

Today I realized that even as we grow, those around us do not. Age does not make us more intelligent or even more weary of how to treat others. It’s only after we hurt and deal with certain situations in our lives do we realize that we need to treat people with a certain kind of respect. We don’t do it for them, we do it because it makes us better human beings. 
Last week I hooked up with a guy who I genuinely thought was ‘nice’. I’ve known of him for years but never really reached out to engage in conversation until last month. So we got together and I thought he was god sent!! Not sexually because to be honest I felt he lacked a bit of experience but as a person. I got to his place after work and he let me take a long shower, he washed all my clothes and in the morning he even took me to breakfast. Fuck I thought, I could work with this! I could definitely help him improve sexually and was willing to overlook that for being such a nice guy.
But boy was I wrong!!

My issue right now is why did I misjudge him. Am I so fucked up that the first guy who comes with ‘game’ is able to so easily deceive me? I know that my id still seeks to find companionship in some way or form. I know I would like to have a constant in my life that is more than just the sexual component but how did I misread him so much? 

Since last week (despite my leaving for 3 days on a Caribbean getaway) I have not spent any time with him. Normally it’s not a big deal but we work the same hours and he is 5 minutes away from my job! I would think that he would seek me out at least for the sexual component. 
I honestly think I’m out of touch with the world of men sometimes……

Freaking Men

So I went out last night with my friend. I don’t venture out much in my neighborhood because frankly I don’t know many people. I like my solitude a bit too much, except when it comes to men. I am well aware that I have a problem. I dare say it’s an addiction of sorts. I love men. When they are new in my life it’s like a part of me wakes up. Problem is that it happens ALL THE TIME!!! I can’t help it really and I don’t want to. I love kissing someone for the first time especially if the guy is a good kisser. It’s like you can disappear for a while behind the kiss and all the feelings it awakens in you. I love it when a man touches me for the first time and the attraction is insane. Yes I am aware that it probably happens to a lot of people but I love that feeling. It’s a feeling of hope and want. Few years back I would have jumped the guy and made him my boyfriend but the truth is I don’t want anyone. I don’t want a boyfriend that is. What my body craves is sex and only sex. I want to connect with someone but only in a sexual capacity. Am I a nymphomaniac? I don’t know to be honest. I know that my sexual conquests probably put me in the category of being one. Also because I can’t remember how many men I’ve slept with and it’s way more than 100.

So back to my initial story. I went on out last night and gave a chaste kiss to a security guard because he was 7’1″, I mean I was so sexually curious as to how we would fit together. I’m only 4’11” so you can imagine that my mind was in sorts of how this man could put me in insane positions. I was also so curious about his penis size so I gave him a kiss and left my number with him. I hope he calls.

I also met another guy who was accompanied by the guy who was interested in my friend. He was sexy as fuck in a plain sort of way. He had a great mustache and beard and his smile was insane. He kept putting his finger on my thigh and I made it my business to touch him every chance I got! I was imagining what his body looked like under his clothes. At one point I thought he was going to take his shirt off and fuck if I didn’t get all anxious just waiting. Ugh I’m such a slut I swear. 

That’s my problem right there. I’ll probably never speak to that 7 foot security guard again and it’s unfortunate but the other guy I know for sure I will be sleeping with. Which brings me to my next issue. I’ve been on a mission to get in shape and lighten my body everywhere and including all my intimate areas. I’m trying to lighten my knees, toes, elbows, anus, thighs between my vagina and my underarms. Yes I need to lighten these areas because I feel they look unattractive to the male species. I know it’s a bit extreme but it will make me feel better. Losing weight also would make me look more attractive because let’s face it I would look sexier in bed and being on top when riding a guy naked. 
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Thoughts On A Plane

This post I wrote as I was on a plane returning to NY. It was written on 04/03/17 around 1am.

In life we encounter so many people that are sometimes simply just passing trough, others remain in a permanent fashion and there are those that remain in a limbo of sorts. They come and go every so often but never are truly far away from us. We fail to truly classify them because perhaps at one point wanted for them to remain and were not able to truly ever have them remain in our lives. The older we get we learn to disassociate ourselves from even those that we want to keep close. It’s like a wall we build up so that no one can get through it mentally. The pain we experience in our lives allow for us to create a detached mode within ourselves. I barely know him (junior) and yet by him allowing me into his private life he’s made me wonder if I could indeed allow someone into my life as he has allowed me into his. 

I closed my door even when I was last involved with someone. My ex actually made me see that I could truly detach while still being very much present. In another time of my life I would have been all over Junior and just for the physical because that what I do best, but I see within me how much I have changed. I can become physical with anyone and not form an emotional bond. Is that bad necessarily maybe yes and maybe no.

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Don’t Believe The Hype

Having a partner/significant other does not complete anyone because it’s just a false sense of worth similar to what social media is to many. Love isn’t real. It’s a trap to make you waste more money for endless holidays, book unnecessary trips with people you will be stuck with for days, wasted gasoline visiting family and friends to introduce this person. I mean I could go on and on. All I want is sex. Pure, unadultered and no boundaries sex. Is that too much to ask for. I want a baby and I wish I could find a man (no strings attached) that could have sex with me on my fertile days. I’ve looked and I can’t find any. But besides that how about just good old fashion fucking! Jesus what does a girl have to do to get laid?!! #sexless #stressed #NeedSexLikeINeedAir #IHaveAProblem #AddictedToSex #Nympho #Nymphomaniac